Poke! For when you feel Maui-sick

The following is my attempt at recreating the wasabi soy sauce poke bowl from Eskimo Candy, an awesome restaurant/fish market on Maui.  Here I am on my honeymoon, about to enjoy a poke bowl . . . not sure if this was our first or third visit.  In three days.
Obviously, this was a dish I was going to try to re-create.  Here’s what I did: I bought some sushi-grade tuna (from a Japanese market or my local whole foods), seaweed salad (pre-made – for a gluten-free version, I have to buy it from VitalChoice), and bottled wasabi.  I also made sushi rice – I used an old bottle of rice seasoning I bought at Sunrise Mart (a great Japanese market), but I think Alton Brown’s recipe is good if you are mixing your own rice seasoning.
I made a quickie-version of wasabi aoli mixing a big squirt of mayonnaise, a squeeze of lemon juice, and half of a grated garlic clove with a little squirt of wasabi from a tube.
I diced the tuna, sliced some green onions and mixed them together with some soy sauce (tamari for gluten-free), and a little bit of fancy maui onion sea salt my parents brought me in January.  (If I didn’t have that, would have done just a little kosher salt and some chopped sweet onion.) And that was it!
I put rice in the bowl, then the tuna mixture, big dollops of the wasabi aoli, and plunked the seaweed salad in the middle.  It was amazing, and has gone into our regular rotation.  Here’s my version  – – please excuse the lousy food photography and focus on how delicious this was in person.

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