My Absolute Favorite Pregnancy Resources about Food

A pregnancy book that I think is really helpful is: Emily Oster’s Expecting Better.  I really respect her approach to the various pregnancy restrictions and her thinking definitely helped structure mine.  For example, based on the research she cites, I came up with a drinking strategy that is more conservative than hers but made me feel comfortable: an occasional small glass of wine or a sip or two of my husband’s cocktail.  (My doctor also has a great line on drinking during pregnancy:  “not in public in the United States” with the assumption being that it is something you should feel comfortable doing at home.)  I would go straight to the book itself, and avoid both the reviews of it (which overemphasize her conclusions without going deep on her rationale or conclusions; I also found her articles on Slate less helpful overall.

And, my curated favorites from around the interwebs (I sit at a computer all day – I’ve read a lot):

 The first is the article that I found on epicurious is the most balanced and intelligent with regard to what you can and can’t eat while pregnant.  I don’t follow it religiously, since I got comfortable with sushi at very good places based on this nytimes article that follows, but it still helped me feel comfortable while navigating all these new decisions.

And then, helping with sushi and various fish decisions are my favorite ‘is there mercury in that?’ checklists: by fish name AND by sushi names!
For food, I have found it incredibly easy and helpful to just ask google or my phone: “lobster tomalley safe during pregnancy?”  and the answers come up quickly.  (Answer: No.  In general, liver is bad because it processes toxins.  Although has lots of Vitamin A so could be good, but overall I avoid it.  I was disappointed.)
I hope this helps someone get through these 10 months – writing now from my second pregnancy, I can definitely say even though I know first-hand there is an expiration date to all of these restrictions, it still feels like I’m going to be pregnant forever!

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